What is i3DML?

i3DML (pronounced as | ai θriː diː em el |) is an XML-based markup language which gives you the ability to design and develop 3D worlds and their behaviors using XML and JavaScript.
i3DML tries to introduce a new standard for 3D design which is independent from other technologies, and it tries to make this topic simpler than before. Using i3DML you can design 3D scenes with a set of tags and attributes.

<World xmlns="http://www.i3dml.org/i3DML2014" 
    CameraPosition="0,0,-2000" CameraRotation="0,0,0">
        <!-- JavaScript here! -->
	while(true) {
		log('Hello i3DML !');
    <PointLight Position="0"/>
    <Sphere Density="50" Name="SkymapSphere" IsArea="true"
    Size="100000" Lighting="false" TextureSource=".\Stars.png"/>
    <Sphere Position="0,0,0" Density="50" Name="SunSphere"
    Ambient="0.8" Size="1000" TextureSource=".\Sun.jpg"/>
    <Sphere Position="1600,0,0" Density="50" Name="Earth"
    Ambient="0.8" Size="100" TextureSource=".\Earth.jpg"/>

An example i3DML application


i3DML is an XML-based technology, which means you can design and draw your World with a set of tags and attributes, and of course, without a huge knowledge of Computer Graphics. i3DML-designed Worlds occupy small amount of space in memory, so you can use i3DML as an alternative for transferring huge 3D scenes over a network or the Internet instead of using large-sized 3D models.

i3DML is easy to learn and not just for simplifying the development process of 3D applications, i3DML is here to help you create Virtual Reality environments.


An open source .Net Framework implementation of the i3DML project is available on GitHub! You can also directly download the binaries from the following link. Install the required components before getting started!

Learn i3DML!

I've written a free summarized tutorial book for i3DML. After reading this book you can understand the main aims of the i3DML Project, how it works and what problems it solves and you’ll be able to design and build simple i3DML applications.
Download the PDF version of this book now for free!


Progress of the project is highly dependent on your supports. Your activities around the project in social media would be very helpful for us!

About the author

Keyvan Maleki Kambakhsh –Born Feb. 1998, Iran- is a Software Developer, interested in .Net Framework Programming, Computer Graphics, Virtual Realities and Kinect Sensor Development. He is the founder of i3DML Project, a new markup language used for designing 3D scenes.